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    10 Actors You Forgot Were On Law And Order: SVU

    ( The Seasons on Netflix, of course)

    1. Casey Cott

    Episode: Season 18, Episode 19 "Conversion"

    Where You Know Him: Cott plays Kevin on the CW show Riverdale

    2. Sherri Saum

    Episode: Season 15, Episode 17 "Gambler's Fallacy"

    Where You Know Her: Saum plays Stef on the Fosters

    3. Virginia Gardener

    Episode: Season 17, Episode 20 "Fashionable Crimes"

    Where You Know Her: Gardener plays Karolina on Marvel's Runaways on Hulu

    4. Ella Anderson

    Episode: Season 15, Episode 19 "Downloaded Child"

    Where You Know Her: Anderson played Rachel in the Melissa McCarthy movie The Boss

    5. Casey Thomas Brown

    Episode: Season 16, Episode 15 "Pornstar's Requiem"

    Where You Know Him: Brown played an escaped criminal in the Season 13 finale of Greys Anatomy

    6. Dreama Walker

    Episode: Season 16, Episode 10 "Forgiving Rollins"

    Where You Know Her: Walker played June on two seasons of Don't Trust the B***** in Apt. 23

    7. Iain Armitage

    Episode: Season 18, Episode 8 "Chasing Theo"

    Where You Know Him: Armitage plays Sheldon on Young Sheldon and Ziggy on Big Little Lies

    8. Brad Garrett

    Episode: Season 17, Episode 22 "Intersecting Lives"

    Where You Know Him: He Spent 9 Years playing Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond

    9. Marcia Cross

    Episode: Season 16, Episode 16 "December Solstice"

    Where You Know Her: She played Bree on Desperate Housewives

    10. Alec Baldwin

    Episode: Season 15, Episode 18 "Criminal Stories"

    Where You Know Him: Everything?