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Here’s 8 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Chelsea’ On Netflix

Chelsea Handler’s own talk show debuted on Netflix in May to a vastly mixed reaction from the press because of her outspoken voice and hard-hitting topics. Even if you don’t generally like talk shows, you might want to reconsider watching this one.

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1. Chelsea Handler’s life is an open book


When speaking on the Jimmy Fallon show, she said: “I get up a lot at three or four in the morning, eat a protein bar, and then I’ll floss.”

2. She isn’t afraid of voicing her opinion on serious topics

Alongside other celebrities including Amy Schumer and Kim Kardashian, she called for stricter gun control laws.

3. Chelsea’s not afraid to voice her opinion on politics


She aired a video from an anonymous source who emailed “Chelsea Handler never-before-seen footage of Donald Trump roaming his office hallways.”

4. She’s brave and will do anything

For her documentary series, Chelsea Does, she admitted that “I wanted to show people what happens when you get f–ked up,” and then took Ayahuasca, an incredibly powerful hallucinogen.

5. Chelsea has a sense of humour and jokes about herself


Chelsea sat down with WIRED to answer the internet’s most Googled questions about herself.

6. She’ll go undercover to feed her curiosity

Using the Lyft app, she went undercover to see what it’s like to be a driver using the service to make money.

7. She invites experts onto the show to discuss relevant topics

Tinder CEO Sean Rad sat down with her in one episode and gave her some pointers for her Tinder profile.

8. She does carpool karaoke, too


Chelsea gave James Corden a ride on her way to work, which entailed a discussion about sexuality and being famous. She ended up singing with her dog in the back seat of her car.

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