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Donald Trump Set A Record Of 37 Lies In One Day. Here's My Reaction To Some Of Them.

According to a Toronto Star article, Donald Trump set a new record of telling 37 lies in a single day.

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1. He falsely stated ""New Hampshire was my first win. Then I went on to win 42 states."

Donald only won in 36 states in the primaries.


2. Donald also said that “I won the last two debates, and every poll showed it."

In reality, every scientific poll showed that he lost the first two debates.


3. He went on to tell the public that "She lies more than any human being."

Obviously that's a lie, since the internet is posting about Donald's lies, not Clinton's.


4. Donald said that "The Times is going to be out of business pretty soon."

There's literally no evidence of this whatsoever.


5. He said "This crime wave ends, believe me, quickly, when I am president."

Studies show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, not more.

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