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17 Food Trucks That Are Having Too Much Pun

Find these street eats parked at the corner of LOL and OMG.

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1. Grillenium Falcon (Fayetteville, AR)

You don't have to go over to the dark side for good grilled cheese.

What's on the menu: Gourmet grilled cheese and soup

Follow: @Hammontree

2. Yumpling (Washington, DC)

You dim sum, you lose some, and this pun's a winner.

What's on the menu: Chinese dumplings

Follow: @yumplingdc

3. Hamborghini (Los Angeles, CA)

Luxury is the taste of mac and cheese egg rolls.

What's on the menu: Burgers, fries, and mac and cheese egg rolls

Follow: @The_Hamborghini

4. Guac N Roll (Austin, TX)

Guac steady. Steady guacin' all night long.

What's on the menu: Guacamole, tamales, vegetarian burritos, and horchata

Follow: @Guac_N_Roll

5. Naan Stop (Washington, DC)

A+ pun job.

What's on the menu: Chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, paneer, and samosas

Follow: @NaanStopDC

6. I Dream of Weenie (Nashville, TN)

Too many jokes, not enough time.

What's on the menu: Gourmet hot dogs

Follow: @IDreamofWeenie

7. Fried Egg I'm in Love (Portland, OR)

THE CURE for all your breakfast needs.

What's on the menu: Breakfast sandwiches

Follow: @FriedEggLove

8. Baguettaboutit (Durham, NC)

J'adore this pun.

What's on the menu: Sausages stuffed inside French baguettes

Follow: @baguettaboutit

9. God Save the Cuisine (San Diego, CA)

I hope this truck remembers to stay on the right side of the road.

What's on the menu: Smoked salmon flatbread, fish and chips tacos, and "Big Ben Burger"

Follow: @GSTCuisine

10. Moovers & Shakers (Nashville, TN)

Enjoying a shake on this beautiful day! @MooversShakers

Kathryn-Claire Watts@kathryn_claire

Enjoying a shake on this beautiful day! @MooversShakers

1:37 PM - 14 Jun 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

This might be what Taylor Swift is talking about when she sings "I just wanna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake."

What's on the menu: Milkshakes and floats

Follow: @MooversShakers

11. King of Pops (Atlanta, GA)

Don't stop 'til you get enough of these popsicles.

What's on the menu: Popsicles

Follow: @theKingofPops

12. On Tapa The World (Atlanta, GA)

Hot tapas in Hotlanta.

What's on the menu: Empanadas

Follow: @OnTapaTheWorld

13. Bananarchy (Austin, TX)

There's always money in the banana stand.

What's on the menu: Frozen bananas

Follow: @bananarchyatx

14. Luncha Libre (Phoenix, AZ)

No need to wrestle over your place in line here, there's enough quesadillas for everyone.

What's on the menu: Gourmet quesadillas, burgers, and agua frescas

Follow: @LunchaLibre

15. Basic Kneads Pizza (Denver, CO)

Pizza is a basic need, after all.

What's on the menu: Wood-fired pizzas

Follow: @ikneadpizza

16. Mamas and the Tapas (Sacramento, CA)

California Dreamin' about these Caribbean-influenced tapas.

What's on the menu: Empanadas, flautas, jerk chicken tacos, and Puerto Rican rice

Follow: @mamastapas

17. The Chairman Bao (San Francisco, CA)

When it comes to great bao, these buns are in charge.

What's on the menu: Steamed buns

Follow: @chairmantruck

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