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Stop Everything And Look At This Adorable Keychain-Sized Sriracha

This genius invention will help you take your Sriracha obsession even further.

This is Sriracha 2 Go, a small, refillable bottle for Sriracha that fits on your key chain.

It's OK if the sight of this is making you emotional. This is real and this is happening.

A gift from the heavens that lets you bring Sriracha with you literally EVERYWHERE you go.

The tightly fitting cap screws off so you can refill it again and again. All Sriracha everything, all Sriracha everywhere.

No longer will you know the days when brunch was ruined because there was no Sriracha on the table.

You are a brunch superstar and you deserve better than bland eggs.

Gone are the days when your late-night slice of pepperoni pizza had to go undressed.

Pizza + Sriracha = LIFE

At 1.25 ounces, it can even get through airport security if you wanted it to. And that means Sriracha on the plane, y'all.

Because if anything needs the help of Sriracha most, it's airplane food.

What an exciting time we live in, you guys!!! This is truly the golden age.

The bottle costs $7 with free shipping in the United States and is available here.