19 Sangrias To Get You Through Life

    Let's be honest. There's always an excuse for sangria.

    1. Sangria For When It's Wednesday

    2. Sangria For When You Also Want Tequila

    "It's the best of both worlds." – Hannah Montana

    Get the recipe for Margarita Sangria.

    3. Sangria For A Boozy Brunch

    4. Sangria For When You Need To Treat Yo' Self

    Like sangria you'd sip on at a spa. Cooling cucumber? Treat yo' self. Soothing honeydew? Treat yo' self. Bottle of wine?! TREAT. YO'. SELF.

    Get the recipe for Sangria Verde.

    5. Sangria For Showing Your Pride

    6. Sangria For When You Want To Feel Like A Kid Again

    Not that you were drinking vodka as a child, hopefully.

    Get the recipe for Gummy Bear Sangria.

    7. Sangria For When You Need To Let It Go

    8. Sangria For When You're In College

    9. Sangria For When The Leaves Are Falling

    10. Sangria For When You're Watching "The Vampire Diaries"

    You know you'll need to quench the thirst that comes from watching Ian Somerhalder being a total babe. And sangria comes from the Spanish word for "blood", so this combination just makes sense on every level.

    Get the recipe for Blood Orange Sangria.

    11. Sangria For When You Need To Satisfy Your Pumpkin Obsession

    12. Sangria For Giving Thanks

    This year, I'm thankful for wine.

    Get the recipe for Autumn Bourbon Sangria.

    13. Sangria For Drinking Your Way Through The Holidays

    14. Sangria For Ringing In The New Year

    "My resolution is to drink less sangria in the new year," said no one ever.

    Get the recipe for Citrusy Champagne Sangria.

    15. Sangria For Celebrating Independence

    16. Sangria For When You Need To Disguise Your Alcohol

    17. Sangria For When You're At The Beach

    Or when it's the middle of winter and you want to FEEL like you're at the beach.

    Get the recipe for Fruity Pineapple Sangria.

    18. Sangria For When You’re Lying Under The Stars

    19. Sangria For Every Other Occasion