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17 Easy Crafts To Make With Leaves

These projects are so easy, it's unbeleafable.

1. Forest Friends Headbands

These headbands don't have to be just for kids. Recommended for ages 3 to 103.

2. Acorn-Frame Leaf Artwork

Mother Nature is beautiful. Put her in a frame and let her shine.

3. Fall Leaf Totes

If you want to be as cool as Paige, you'll need your own DIY tote.

4. Floating Fall Candles

Fill a decorative bowl with water. Add leaves and candles. DONE.

5. Giltter Leaves Garland

6. Leaf Animal Drawings

All you need for these leaf animals are leaves, a marker, and plenty of imagination.

7. Paint-Dipped Leaves

The minimalist effect created here with just paint and leaves is striking.

8. Leaf Bunting

Old book leaves and autumn leaves. All you'll need to buy for this beautiful bunting is twine.

9. Hanging Leaves

Bring the outdoors indoors with these hanging leaves. If you dip the leaves in wax, they'll last all fall.

10. Leaf Drawings

Arrange leaves on sheets of paper, then challenge your imagination to draw in the rest.

11. Decoupaged Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pimp your pumpkins. Applying leaves to the outside of a white pumpkin makes a beautiful and easy centerpiece for any table.

12. Leaf Lanterns

These enchanting lanterns add a soft autumn glow to any space. Be sure to use electric tea lights so you don't burn your place down.

13. Leaf Stamped Napkins

You don't have to spend much for a gorgeous fall table. Just use gold paint and leaves to stamp cream colored napkins. Everyone will think you spent a fortune. Joke's on them.

14. Leaf Woodland Creatures

Totally transform your leaves into playful woodland creatures. Don't worry about them being realistic. The more whimsical, the better.

15. Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders

Apply real or faux leaves to the outside of an empty Mason jar, then add a candle and marvel at the stained glass look.

16. Paper Punching Leaves

If you have large paper punches, create confetti out of different colored leaves. The unique texture and coloration of each piece makes for a beautiful effect.

17. Autumn Leaf Crowns

There's no reason you shouldn't make yourself a leaf crown. You rule.