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    Warning: This Is By Far One Of The Most Upsetting YouTube "Pranks" You'll Ever See

    The premise is a woman goes on to the subway and gets into a physical altercation with her boyfriend because he gave her AIDS.

    This incredibly disturbing video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week. In it a woman begins screaming at her presumed boyfriend, claiming he "gave her AIDS."

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    The couple begin fighting with each other physically, alarming other passengers on the train.

    Towards the end of the almost six-minute video, the man actually pulls the woman out of the train, while other passengers rush to stop him. All the while, the woman hysterically screams.

    The video's shocking content caused it to quickly spread. But as The Daily Dot points out, the end of the video directs to a Facebook page.

    A page belonging to New York-based actress Zaida Waters, who claims that the video was "a prank."

    Zaida's Facebook is connected to a network of other pages under the handle "MsMuffin."

    Facebook: MsMuffinBabey

    All of which are sharing the video as a prank.

    Facebook: Msmuffinpranks

    Lol check out my NEW Comedy prank video. .Tell a friend~

    Zaida Pugh


    Lol check out my NEW Comedy prank video. .Tell a friend~

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    She has other videos with similarly upsetting content, like this one where she fakes going into labor at Coney Island.

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    When people around her rush to help she leaks out fake bloody-looking fluid all over herself.

    In another video she goes on to the subway covered in fake blood and screams and writhes all over the ground.

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    The subway fight video from earlier this week has currently been shared almost 17,000 times, with many users not aware that it is, in fact, fake.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Waters for comment.