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How (And Why) This Man Lived In His Car For Over A Year

Welcome to Hotel Prius.

Chris Sawey wrote to BuzzFeed to share his story about the events that led to him living in his car for over a year, and how it changed his life.

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This is Sawey. After he graduated college in May 2013, he drove across the country in search of new job opportunities.

Along the way, his car was broken into.

All of his valuables were stolen, but the most important thing that was taken was his laptop, containing all of his résumés and professional portfolios.

Growing up in foster care and children's homes had prepared him for weathering difficult life circumstances.

So Chris removed everything from his car and studied the space. He decided to try to live out of his car temporarily as an experiment, and to try to get ahead.

He called it "Hotel Prius."

Sawey gets a lot of questions about his experience, but the most common thing asked is where he showers.

And where does he park?

What fits in his car? A lot.

"My depression has disappeared, and life has provided me with the kind of challenges I just love to work out and solve. Life feels real, and organic, and best of all, simple."

"What started as a one-month experiment to get ahead and catch up on life after a turn for the worse turned into over a year of so much more than I could've ever hoped or imagined. This is that adventure."

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