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    We Need To Talk About Macca's Chicken 'n' Cheese, Australia

    Chicken 'n' Cheese lovers unite!

    Whether you’re a broke uni student, or in need of a burger fix at 4 a.m., you know Macca’s Chicken ‘n’ Cheese is your go-to.

    This thing? Yes, that thing — with the delish combo of cheese, a McChicken patty, and mayo.  😍😭

    But you know what’s better than a Chicken ‘n’ Cheese? A Chicken ‘n’ Cheese in a meal – which, by the way, NEEDS. TO. FUCKING. HAPPEN.

    Am I right or am I ~right~?

    See, the last time this happened was back in 2011, at a hot $3.95.

    Now? The burger *by itself* is at a not-so-hot $3. But hey! It’s the best thing out of the Loose Change menu, really, so we can’t complain too much.

    And guess which country has it in a meal at the moment? New Zealand, that’s who. The downside? It’s got ketchup and lettuce – which is a crime, tbh.

    Not only that, they call it the Chick'n McCheese. More proof we can't have nice things, Kiwis.

    Okay, Macca’s in Singapore has it, too. Remove the lettuce and you’ve got yourself the burger that saved the burger industry. Honest.

    Again, "McChicken 'n' Cheese"?!

    It is a known fact the Chicken ‘n’ Cheese is the bomb dot com, but on behalf of the chicken lovers, BRING BACK THE MEAL OPTION.


    I don’t care if it’s $3.95, $4.95, or $5.95. As long as it doesn’t come with that “Only for a limited time” BS, because that shit needs to stay forever. Period.

    Besides, if we can successfully beg and plead for an all-day breakfast menu, then I’m sure this can happen, too, right?

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    The ball's in your court, Macca's.

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