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    23 Things Anyone Obsessed With American Apparel Will Understand Completely

    Broke with expensive taste.

    1. First of all, American Apparel is your go-to store for basics and everything denim.

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    2. Not to mention your beloved pair of disco pants and alphabet tees.

    3. You occasionally visit the store, even if you don't buy any of their clothes – or dare I say it – apparel.

    4. You stock up on their basics in multiple colours, because they’re basics, after all.

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    5. And you don't let the employees' hatred towards human interaction in the way from buying the essentials.

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    Because honestly, same.

    6. Nonetheless, you feel like you’ve ~made it~ when the staff compliment you and your outfit.

    7. You get asked if you work at AA because you wear their clothing from head to toe. Awks.

    8. Being told you look like an AA model is the BIGGEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER – and you've even thought of auditioning for the store’s open call.

    9. You live for their members-only discounts, and you even get a sweet one on your birthday, too. Cheerin’.

    Ryan Bautista

    10. And the only gift you’re showering in during your birthday and Christmas is their gift cards.

    11. A part of you eye-rolls when 5SOS utters this "She Looks So Perfect" lyric, no matter how much of a tune it is.

    12. You’ve posted the shopping bag pic for the ‘gram – and started a collection of said bags.

    13. Plus a snap of the photo wall because, ya know, ~aesthetics~.

    14. But, more importantly, you haven’t shopped at AA without taking the obligatory #AASelfie.

    15. And though their apparel is expensive AF...

    16. ...You can thank the AA gods whenever they have a sale.

    17. And when you realize their factory flea markets are your best friend.

    18. Others might think you truly embody this ~minimal aesthetic~.

    19. But you embrace the “basic” tag that the store itself has — it's pretty much a separate section just for you.

    20. However, it was a sad day for your wardrobe when you learned they were shutting some locations down – and when the online store looked like this.

    21. So while no other store is on the same level as AA...

    22. …and while you do major damage to your bank account every visit you make...

    23. You know your spendings are justified – and your wardrobe will thank you for it.

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