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    Updated on Nov 22, 2018. Posted on Nov 22, 2018

    Throwback Thursday: Disney Channel Shows That We Wish Were On Netflix

    Have you ever found yourself referencing scenes from old Disney Channel shows like Hannah Montana or That's So Raven? Have you ever dreamt of being the kid that would draw out the sparkly Mickey Mouse Me logo with the wand and say, "And you're watching Disney Channel!" Me too. Sometimes, I wish these shows were available to us on proper platforms instead of searching for episodes on sketchy third-party websites. To me, these shows will never get old. Written by Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

    Disney Now / Via

    These idiots were everyones favourite dynamic duo. We got to watch the characters, Zack and Cody and the brothers themselves, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, grow up.


    2. That's So Raven

    Disney Channel / Via

    Have you ever wished you had mind-blowing powers like Raven Baxter? Did you ever think you would develop visions like her one day?

    This show always had me laughing, the Baxter family had the best personalities and each episode was always a good one.

    3. Wizards of Waverly Place

    Disney Channel / Via


    What's That?

    A Hat?

    Crazy Funky Junky Hat!


    Hair Unsightly

    Trying to Look Like Keira Knightly

    We've Been There!

    We've Done That!

    We See Right Through Your Funky Hat!

    Side note: who else questioned the fact that Max was left running the sandwich shop?

    4. Hannah Montana

    Disney Channel / Via

    Watching Miley live her double-life was an experience. We sure did watch her and the rest of the cast grow over the seasons.

    I'm sure some of us still know all the words to big hits like, "The Best of Both Worlds," "Nobody's Perfect," and "Rockstar."

    PS. Were you team Jesse or Jake?

    5. Cory in The House

    Bob D'amico / ©2006 DISNEY CHANNEL / Via

    I don't know about y'all but I really thought the White House was as fabulous as it looked in Cory in The House.

    Also, this was one of my favourite show theme songs to ever exist.

    6. The Proud Family

    Disney Channel / Via

    Watching the legend, Penny Proud go through high-school and seek her independence was the best.

    Her family had so much personality and really contributed to making the show as great as it was. Raise your hand if you were Suga Mama's biggest fan.

    Also, bonus points for theme song sung by Destiny's Child. What a JAM. I swear all of these shows had the best theme songs.

    7. The Weekenders

    Disney Channel / Via

    Please tell me you guys remember this show, it was one of my ultimate favourites to watch.

    Like any other human being, the weekend was these character's favourite part of the week. They always adventured together and had the best time. The characters were bubbly, relatable and made us want to be best friends with them.

    8. Sonny With A Chance

    Disney Channel / Via

    Who could forget our girl, Sonny Monroe? Though this show only lasted two seasons, it sure did give us some laughs.

    What do you think was the craziest sketch that they did on 'So Random?'

    9. Recess

    Disney Channel / Via

    Can you believe these characters were supposed to be in fourth-grade? My grade four experience was nothing like these characters.

    Side note: how old were you when you realized that recess was for our teachers to get their mandatory 15-minute breaks? I was last-week-years-old when I read it on Twitter.

    10. Disney Channel Games

    PUREHollywood / Via

    When it was Disney Channel Games time, every kid ever was hyped.

    This was when our favourite Disney Channel stars went head-to-head in a battle of challenges and games. They were split up into teams and competed for charity.

    Some of the crazy challenges they did included the hamster ball run and elite obstacle courses.

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