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    7 TV Shows That Are Hitting On Important Issues

    As part of the Student Action Series, here are seven TV shows that hit on important issues. By Maxine Kozak, Writer for RU Student Life.

    Orange Is The New Black

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    If you haven't seen Orange is the New Black by now, it is way past due. The show simultaneously tackles mental health, the plight of the LGBTQ+ community (particularly in prisons), the Black Lives Matter movement and of course, the American prison system.

    Broad City

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    As Annie Fell writes for Broadly, "Broad City represents a different, more realistic kind of femininity than what we're seen in film and TV for over 30 years (...). Their essential loserdom is what made them so relatable. Loserdom does not discriminate: regardless of your gender, sexuality, race, or age, there is always the looming threat of failing miserably. Considering the dire job market, subsequent poor standard of living, and burnout, being a millennial might, for many of us, inevitably mean being a loser."


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    Atlanta is arguably the most woke TV show of the Trump Era. As Brenden Gallagher writes, "Police brutality, white supremacy, and systemic poverty have all emerged as major themes of the show. And yet, there is humour, hope, and the sheer beauty of creative expression that manage to shine through in every episode".


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    Black-ish is more than just another family show, often offering powerful history lessons and tackling a wide range of social and political issues.

    Bojack Horseman

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    Bojack Horseman has always been socially aware and yet in its newest season, it reaches new heights. As Jacob Huller writes, "this season excellent tackles the #MeToo movement and the hypocrisy of the film industry, where disgraced celebrities as cast out only to be welcomed back just a few years later".

    High Maintenance

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    High Maintenance is an anthology series that follows the Guy, a purposefully unnamed drug dealer as he moves through New York City and crosses paths with diverse characters. The format of the series yields a perfect platform for conversations about social issues. In particular, High Maintenance delves into class divides, mental health and addiction, among other things.