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15 "Stranger Things" GIFS That Perfectly Describe The Ryerson Experience

Between living away from home for the first time, meeting countless new people and trying to juggle schoolwork on top of everything, Ryerson University can sometimes feel like the Upside Down… By Sunita Singh Hans, Storyteller for RU Student Life

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1. When you're a first year that's trying their best to fit in

2. But then you find people that accept you for exactly who you are

3. When you're just really hungry all. The. Time.

4. And you’re walking into Metro like...

5. And you're just REALLY aggressive about your love for food

6. Trying to rationalise what demonic creature would give you a class at 8am

7. When the student loans run out because you spent too much on things you shouldn’t have

8. Getting a C on an assignment you thought you had failed

9. Going to a party just for the free food...

10. But then being forced to socialise

11. When everyone you know is on Tinder and you feel like a Barb in a world full of Nancy's

12. Trying to Google the answers to an assignment but nothing's coming up

13. When you've been living without homecooked meals for a month

14. That point in the semester when all the emotions hit you at once...

15. But you know your Ryerson friends will get you through anything

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