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    10 Things To Do On Reading Week

    Reading week is almost here Rye Students! Scream and flail your arms up in the air! Shout it into the void! After a busy first couple of weeks of the fall semester, you're finally getting a well deserved break from classes. Think about it, you've made it basically half way through yet another semester. Even though you have to grind out on work this week and still study for midterms, try and give yourself a break and treat yourself to some fun. Here are 10 things you can do on reading week (other than reading, because we all read on reading week, right?). By Madi Wong, Writer/Blogger for RU Student Life

    1. Catch some Z's

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    Your sleep schedule has most likely gotten messed up at some point during the semester so far. Whether you were up late studying or struggling to wake up early for your morning commute.

    On a serious note, sleep is vital for your mind and body to get some rest in order to gain energy. You'll function and focus better when you have an adequate amount of sleep. On a less serious note, who doesn't love taking a fat nap on their bed?

    2. Eat some good food with your family this Thanksgiving

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    The Monday of reading week is Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, Itis central.

    Whether family hosts annual lunches or dinners, or go out to a favourite restaurant to celebrate, load yourself up on some good food. These types of meals are the ones you look forward to stuffing your face with, especially after working so hard during the semester.

    And even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, treat yourself to your favourite cuisine.

    You'll definitely be feeling the itis after a good meal, and once you knock out, you'll know it's been a great day.

    3. Take a pleasant Fall stroll

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    Fall is a the best season to take a hike or mini stroll with friends, family, your dog, or even by yourself. The weather is not too cold or hot but is relatively comfortable. Go out and embrace sweater weather, enjoy the air and get some exercise.

    There are tons of hike trails around Toronto that you can search up and go to. Or, if you would rather take a stroll along a waterfront, your local neighborhood or even around the city, it'll be just as great and refreshing.

    4. Reunite with friends

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    Get excited! All the friends you had to say bye to at the end of summer are returning on reading week! Most students who live at home and commute to Ryerson can relate to missing their friends who went to schools outside of Toronto.

    If you haven't gotten the chance to see them or catch up with them much, here's your chance. Take advantage of days where you have time to go out and hang out. It'll not only make you feel stress free and happy to see them, but you'll get to make more awesome memories together.

    5. Clean your room, yes you read that right

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    Don't roll your eyes. I know some of you have probably been saying you have to clean your room and have just been putting it off. If your room looks like a whirlwind of a mess, this is a good time to discipline yourself to tidy it up.

    Do your laundry, get rid of any clutter and unnecessary garbage, stack your books and try to find a place for all your belongings. Cleaning can be tedious but you'll feel much more relieved when you can finally see your floor. It also helps get you set for back to school after your week off.

    6. Relax

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    As our guy Michael Scott is saying, "Chillax."

    This doesn't necessarily mean throw a face mask on and give yourself a bubble bath. Finding relaxation and essential time to yourself can be done in so many ways, depending on who you are. Maybe you're the type of person who does enjoy a good spay day. Or you like to have a lazy and unproductive day at home. Or you just want to jam to your favorite playlists all day long.

    Do whatever comforts you and makes you feel relaxed and stress free this reading week.

    7. Try something new

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    "I've always wanted to go here," "I have been wanting to try that restaurant for so long," "I've heard so many great things about that place! Let's go one day!"

    Does any of this sound familiar? All the places and activities that you have been dying to try and go to but just haven't had the time?

    If you find yourself having some spare days this reading week, go out and venture to places on your bucket list. Go to that crazy foodie place, try to climb that indoor rock wall, or get out to that new club with your friends.

    8. Get organized

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    Pull out that planner you bought, load Google calendar or get your notes app ready on your phone.

    It's great to have fun over reading week, but to be somewhat productive you can organize your upcoming schedule and goal set for the rest of the semester. I know it's not something everyone has the motivation to do, but imagine taking an hour or so out of your week to plan your schedule. Jot down all due dates, make a list of tasks you need to get done each week.

    Trust me, this will help prevent any procrastination and stress hitting you once the week is over.

    9. Make that moola

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    If you want to use reading week to pick up some more shifts at work, go for it! We all have expenses to pay for and stuff we (try to) save up for.

    In fact, your work hours may be better for you during this week off. You won't have to worry about attendance in labs or making it in time for your three-hour lecture.

    Go make those paychecks but remember to try and find time to do some academic work as well.

    10. READ!

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    If you thought I wasn't going to mention reading, I'm sorry to disappoint. Some of you may be like Belle but others may hate reading as much as Gaston.

    Now, this of course means doing your coursework readings. Those are the most important. Super long, but very important.

    However, I wan't to emphasize that reading can also come from other sources as well. Such as pleasure readings from books you've bought but haven't gotten the chance to finish. Or your favorite sports or fashion magazines. Or if you like to read news articles and tweets on Twitter. You'd be surprised but you can learn something new from reading basically anything. Try and include the purpose of 'reading' in reading week.