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    10 Reasons Why You Need To Join Mood Routes

    Aysha Azeez from Student Learning Support tells us why Mood Routes is perfect for de-stressing, connecting to nature, and re-focusing to help your studies. Last fall, Mood Routes set out on six walks. Join us this winter term every Tuesday from 12-1:30pm!

    Ryerson is always bustling with initiatives to help support student engagement and well-being. Although it can be difficult to keep track of all of them and find the time to attend, one that you cannot miss is Mood Routes.

    Mood Routes is a Ryerson Student Affairs initiative, in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mood Walks program, that encourages you to get outside not just for physical activity, but to de-stress, refocus, and re-ground.

    Every Tuesday from 12-1:30pm we meet at the SLC Amphitheatre and we set out on a different accessible route to a nearby greenspace.

    Here are 10 reasons why you need to join us on our next walk:

    1. Vitamin D

    2. Improved Sleep

    3. Improvement of Attention and Memory

    4. You will feel happier

    5. Discover Downtown Toronto

    6. Connect with Awesome Members of the Ryerson Community

    7. Mental Well-Being Discussions with Professional Staff

    8. Accessible Routes

    9. Rejuvenation

    10. It's FUN!

    Not only will you reap the many mental, physical, and spiritual benefits from Mood Routes, and make lasting connections with members of the Ryerson community, but you will have an amazing time embarking on enjoyable adventures. So, make sure you do not miss the next Mood Routes adventure!

    For more information visit here.

    Aysha Azeez is a Special Projects Assistant with Ryerson Student Learning Support. Currently, she is a 4th year student at Ted Rogers School of Management's B.Comm degree program, majoring in Economics and Management Science.