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The 10 Best Mustaches In Sports History

They’re thick, they’re strong, and they leave one heck of an impression. And we’re not just talking about Ruff McThickridge; we’re talking about the best mustaches in sports.

1. Rollie Fingers

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

For 18 years, Rollie Fingers pitched for the Oakland A’s, the San Diego Padres, and the Milwaukee Brewers, all while having the kind of mustache that you’d expect from a guy named Rollie Fingers.

2. John Axford

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

We’re not ornithologists, but we’re pretty sure “The Ax Man” is the only cardinal ever to rock a Fu Manchu.

3. Walt Frazier

NBA Photo Library / Getty Images

In 1970 and 1973, Frazier led the New York Knicks to their only two NBA Championships. A feat almost as impressive as those muttonchops.

4. Randy Johnson

http://V.J. Lovero / Getty Images

For some reason this iconic fastballer earned the nickname “The Big Unit.” Probably cause of that epic crumb catcher beneath his nose.

5. Hulk Hogan

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Through decades of awesome, “Hulkamania’s” blonde ‘stache has remained shirtrippingly amazing.

6. Lanny McDonald

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

The ultimate walrus ‘stache scored the winning goal in the 1989 Stanley Cup. Rumor has it there’s a Zamboni parked somewhere inside of it.

7. Rickie Fowler

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

The Bieber-esque 2010 PGA Rookie of the Year sports a positively Frida Kahlo-esque lip toupee.

8. Jared Allen

Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Number 69’s face furniture dominates his visage as boldy as his defensive skills dominate on the field. Heart of a warrior, grooming habits of an ox.

9. Mike Ditka

Mike Powell / Getty Images

No accounting of athletic face hair is complete without Ditka. And speaking of accounting, his bro-merang is so legendary it’s in its own tax bracket.

10. Marvin Harrison

John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

One of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history is the proud owner of the proper mouth brow you see pictured here, which we understand goes by the name "Marvin Junior."

And two extra badass beards.

James Harden

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

Harden started growing his beard in college because he was too lazy to shave. Word on the street is the beard graduated Phi Beta Holy Krappa.

Brett Keisel

Harry Engels / Getty Images

The self-proclaimed “greatest beard of all time” has its own Facebook page and Twitter feed. But it’s also grown a philanthropic side. Every year, Keisel and his facial foliage host the “Sheer The Beard” event for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

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