The 12 Best Things About Life Right After College

Being an adult can be totally awesome. Grab some Ruffles® Chips and have a good time. YOLO, dude.

1. You make cash money.


2. And you can spend your money however you want.

3. You never have to register for stupid classes again.

4. You can basically do whatever you want.

5. You have a piece of paper worth around $100,000.

6. You can take a year off to “find yourself.” READ: Play video games and fart.

7. No more homework. Ever.

8. Weekend naps = win.

9. You never have to set foot in a library again.

10. Finals are a thing of the past.

11. You never have to watch your friends’ terrible improv comedy shows again.

12. No more all-nighters. Unless you want to.

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