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Why Every Millennial Should Watch Girlboss On Netflix

Because we all need inspiration and to be reminded that we can do whatever we want if we work at it!

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If you’re like me and is constantly looking for shows that motivate you, then Girl Boss on Netflix is for you.

As a millennial, I’m constantly reading articles, books, etc to see how people in their twenties started their business. Some of these people, I can’t relate to, but Sophia Amoruso, is someone who I definitely can!

Ok, so I didn't read #GirlBoss first (I will! I swear), but the series is based off the book which explains how Sophia started a business in her early twenties online, which is called Nasty Gal.

What I loved about this series is seeing how she struggled trying to pay bills and also make her dream a reality. You see her working the boring retail job to having that moment at her job working the front desk at an art school where she has the epiphany to put all her focus on building her online store.

I related to the parts where she’s online shopping while at her day job and wishing she wasn’t there (me when I worked retail wishing I was working at GQ or Vogue).

Sometimes, I feel we get content with a job where we know what we’re suppose to do and just throw our dreams on a shelf. Seeing how Sophia put all her money, time and tears into Nasty Gal really made me ask myself “when was the last time you really gave your all to something?”.

We can’t be afraid to chase our dreams. Sometimes we will have to do an online webinar or watch a YouTube video to learn that skill, but we should never give up on ourselves.

Sophia has many breakdowns and obstacles trying to build her business, but she never gave up on herself and always reached out to her friends for help.

She also taught me to not be afraid to let your personality show. Sophia is a very interesting person and does not care what anyone thinks of her.

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