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The Plight Of Being An Average KId

Story of an average kid in an above average family.

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The Plight of being an Average


Being born in a family where your career and studies are treated above anything and everything, it is a fight in itself to be an 'Average'. Yes, that's how my family of super intelligent people perceived me as.

If I remember clearly the only question I was asked (told instead) even when I was 3, was what I want to become when I grow up. The only profession I was aware of (and was supposed to be aware of) was Doctor. So, half confused I used to recite this answer whenever someone asks to come up with the career question. I thought that's what I will do because everyone else is doing the same.

But, wait! That's not what I ended up doing. What I do is COMPLETELY different from what I was supposed to do. Well, yeah! I do laugh about it sometimes.

When I began schooling and gave a reality check to my family for the minimum amount of interest I had towards study, I literally broke their heart. Ouch! I am still sad about it. I really am.

I think I was doing fine, but they expected me to be a topper kid which surely I was not. 3rd rank was not accepted and this is when I was tagged as 'Average'. I welcomed this tag with open arms and embraced it for life. But, that's when the struggle started…

My family was concerned, for they did not know how an Average will survive in this competitive world. For they didn't know that this species exists and survives. As any other Average kid, I was looked upon with mercy like- What will she do in life, She is so confused. She doesn't like to study. She's just an AVERAGE kid.

I was bombarded with zillions of questions, funny questions that never made any sense to me.

Please note that I was the ONLY topic of discussion whenever we had our relatives visiting. It was always Me vs Them.

I heard you don't like studying! What do you like when you don't like studying only?
Duh! There are so many things to do apart from studies. I think you are old enough to know that!

But, why don't you like studying when your siblings do?

Wow! do you know they dislike you and I am still sitting here replying to all your questions!!

But yes, we have got the same genes which make us IDENTICAL. Right?

Which subjects do you like?

I think I like science and drawing. (Yay! I had the right answer)

Art is not a subject and you can't become a painter. Good that you like Science, you could try becoming an engineer if not a doctor.

YES. That's the farthest you could go.

I just like to study science as I find it interesting. Not that I want to pursue that as my career.

You know Mr. Verma's daughter is doing so well. She's just 14 and has never scored less than 95%. Not just academics, she goes out for so many competitions and has got so many trophies and medals. I think she will definitely become a Doctor. You should get some inspirations from her.

I think you forgot to mention that she has already become the President of America and will soon be launching her own satellite. Not to forget, she also pets a tiger.

I think the only option you have is to go for Delhi University and finish your graduation somehow.

Ok! Did you just make Delhi University sound extremely demeaning? D.U isn't a cake walk.

You should have decided by now and started with your coaching. There is no way you are getting through any competition without taking a proper 4–5 years of coaching. Kid, you are losing out on time and EVERYTHING because of your confusion.*Pity face*

Wow! So, now I am Average and I am confused. Do you think I should even live?

Maybe you could try and become a teacher as a backup?

Teacher! And where did this come from?

After all such humorous encounters and crazy suggestions from random relatives, there was just one thing I was sure of that I am so not becoming a doctor or even an engineer for that matter. There were plenty of things I wanted to do. I wanted to write, I wanted to sketch and yes, I wanted to study to know more, not to score more.

For it was very difficult for an Average kid to explain her family. But sooner or later I had to do it. To be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Yeah, I am sure there are kids who have their whole life planned even before being born and I was definitely not one of them.

It took 20 years for this Average kid to figure out what I want to do and gather the courage to pursue it. I won't say that your educational degree or marks don't matter, but after a point of time they won't. At that time, you'll be happy that you were an Average kid.

So all those who are in the Average club — don't worry, you will get through this phase as I did. For now, just enjoy these humour punches.

I am definitely happy about it now and I think I am doing ABOVE AVERAGE and better that Mr. Verma's daughter. :P

No offense to any Verma's

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