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5 Ways To Energize Your Mornings

Most mornings, do you feel like you are part of a Coldplay song? "When you try your best but, you don't succeed." HA ME TOO! What I mean to say is, do you feel dehydrated, demotivated and just fed up of everything? I've 5 simple steps to just get me up in the morning and start the day with good vibes. And trust me, MONDAY MORNINGS ARE THE WORST! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

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Remember science classes in school stressing upon this tiny green pigment which helps absorb sunlight in plants and gives them this green ass color? πŸ€πŸƒ Yeah well, the books weren't playing around. Who knew we would need this in our lives everyday? Let's take a second and appreciate scientists for extracting the main source of life! What? Yes, baby! READ MY WORDS: CH-LO-RO-PH-YLL!!!11 Take this first thing in the morning and your life will change. 😍 How? Your blood circulation gets 10x better. Bye, cardiac diseases. Helps formation of red blood cells. Umm... Do you want oxygen or not? πŸ˜’Red Blood Cells carry oxygen and transport them to your whole body. Got bad breath? 😷 The taste is so raw and fresh it cures the bacteria and any other germs in your mouth while freshening your breath. Not only this! It prevents constipation, anaemia, cancer, insomnia and more. It instigates faster wound healing and balances your hormone levels. It reduces inflammation hence curing diseases such as arthritis. 😭GAH SO MANY BENEFITS... Once again, mother nature helping out all of us. I bought mine from Walgreens and I take it first thing in the morning with water. Just 1 tbsp tho, don't go crazy. It has fasten my metabolism, provides me energy, provides nutrition to my whole body and even my skin (because of the numerous antioxidants)


Why this pill in particular?

This contains Vitamin A, B,C,E and K-

Vitamin A is food for your eyes, refreshing your eyes, providing good vision and strengthening your immune system. Vitamin B form red blood cells and provide energy. Vitamin C replenishes your bones, muscles, tissues and blood cells. Vitamin E provides anti oxidants (as previously mentioned by my earlier posts), fighting off toxins and cholesterol! Vitamin K builds up strong muscles and fights off dementia. (Early morning problems I've always faced because IDK WTF is going on?)

Sometimes your body feels lethargic due to the sole reason that your metabolism is working slowly. Eating this pill every morning before anything also helps instigate faster metabolism, providing blood flow to the rest of the body parts.

Cayenne Pepper is known to regulate circulation and help expand the blood capillaries, so it fastens the blood flow. It also controls blood sugar levels. Providing your body fresh clean blood after you ingest this pill.

Most people experience laziness and lethargy due to the fact that they haven't been eating right or not exercising enough. The best part about this pill is the fact that it actually burns off fat to fasten the metabolism.


Why would you wanna eat an apple?

It aids in digestion-contains fibre which regulates bowel movements and metabolism.

Contains Potassium, Phosphorus and Calcium-

Contains Vitamin B and C


Improves breathing- You guys should know how necessary it is to breathe right. It flushes out toxins, supplies blood circulation and generally gives you positive energy.

Improves SKIN- Radiates it, removes spots and wrinkles and reduces pores.


If you're not in the mood to eat those pills and liquids, you can always go back to the easiest weapons on this planet earth! YOUR HANDS AND LEGS!! Why is stretching so important? Stretching not only regulates blood flow but prepares you for other physical activities for the rest of the day. Think of it as a manual smoothie lmao! It stretches your muscles to an extend where you're prepared to do anything. You can also start your day by cardio! But this actually helps you wake up the as it kick-boosts your blood flow thus providing maximum energy.

Sometimes being tired from the rest of the week can have your muscles swollen for a longer period. Stretching also helps soothe your swollen muscles and provide flexibility.


DRINK maximum 8 glasses of water everyday kids. BEFORE sleep and AFTER.. WHY?

Water assists in physical activities- as it controls your body temperature, balances your pH levels and increases motivation. Your brain needs it the MOST. If your brain senses even mildest of dehydration, it loses focus, energy and ruins your mood (starting your day with a bad mood sucks).

It fights constipation slows down your entire body! EXPERIENCE TALKING πŸ˜’ Your blood flow is slow, your mouth is dry and your muscles are lazy! BASICALLY THIS IS THE LUCIFER OF ALL PROBLEMS. I HATE CONSTIPATION. Water has always helped me keep my system balanced and healthy as it pushes down all the food and regulates bowel movements.

Lastly, it improves dental hygiene! All the bacteria formed because of the lack of breathing through mouth from sleeping all night sticking to your gum lines and teeth, has to be washed away and cleaned. You ever notice how dry your mouth feels when you wake up? Dry mouth is the first symptom before your body goes into a spiral of lethargy and weakness. Rehydrating your mouth can also help cure gum diseases and form saliva which is healthy for your mouth. It also cures bad morning breath!

So, there you have 5 ways to get over morning exhaustion/hangover/dehydration and etc. HOPE THIS HELPED IN SOME WAY! GOOD MORNING Y'ALL. GOD BLESS U!

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