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Valentine's Day Date Ideas For People That Don't Buy In To It

We all know by now (the jaded portion of the population anyway) that Valentines day is just holiday fully intent on taking every last dime you have if possible to line the pockets of the corporate fat cats. Instead of giving your money to Hallmark or Thornton's and skinning yourself for the price of a 3 course meal with your other half, be a bit more thoughtful/cost effective and try one of these ideas.

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1.Do the proper touristy stuff in your home city or nearest city to you.

This may sound a bit of a daft thing to be doing for valentines day but have fun with it! Take hundreds of pictures of all the cool things you see and of each other! In Glasgow for instance, you could discover new artists in the Kelvingrove art gallery, then go for a walk round the botanical gardens, finished off with a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and bars off of Great Western road. Simple.

2. Go for a walk a long walk with your partner

It's up to yourself as to how hard you would like to make the walk. It could range from a relaxing walk around Bellahouston Park for an hour or so to a more strenuous hike up one of the 280 odd Munro's that we have on offer in Scotland. Obviously base this on your own ability as to what you can manage. But there are walks for everyone with romantic views across the Scottish Mountains. Wrap up but it'll be right cold.

3. Have a chill day in the house watching each other's favourite movies and TV shows.

Look, we get it, the less money spent the better. But saying that doesn't mean you don't care. You can take the more thoughtful approach. Watch TV all day and chill then at night make your partner dinner. You can either make them all their different favourite dishes or you can WOW them with your culinary talents as you tackle a more refined dish. It's the thought that counts. A lot more than rinsing your bank account anyway.

4.Go for a date with your dog in one of the local parks.

Am not meaning actual date yer dog or that but nice romantic walk in a park such as Glasgow green with your S.O could be instantly made better if you bring your dog. That’s a fact. It’s a nice way to spend time with your partner. Take a picnic, make a day of it. Round the day/night off with a cocktail or two in the Merchant City.

5. Go watch a Sports Team that you both support

Some years will be better than others for this idea just depending on what day Valentines Day falls on. If you follow the same sports team this is a no-brainer and fairly cost effective. Around Glasgow there are 3 main teams Celtic, Rangers and Glasgow Warriors. Go see your team triumph over their opponent, nothing says I love you like that. Trust it'll work guys.

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