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Important Things To Consider Before Buying An Automatic Sensor Taps

An automatic tap is a device that allows automatic water flow in presence of hand in close proximity.

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These taps are equipped with a proximity sensor that controls the water flow. Most of the Automatic Sensor are powered by the battery and reside an active infrared sensor to detect motion of the hand.

Here are few tips that can be considered before you buy a Sensor Tap.

Uses of Automatic Taps

Automatic Sensor Taps is common in public washrooms at airports and hotels and in other places where consumption of water has to be reduced. However, automatic auto faucets can be found in kitchen and washrooms of some private residences, where it can be used for hand washing and other several works.

Advantage of Using Automatic Taps

Automatic Sensor Taps shut themselves off automatically and reduce wastage of water. Automatic shutting off mechanism greatly reduces the risk of sink overflow. There are no handles to operate these auto faucets; hence they are pretty easy to use for people who are suffering from mobility limiting conditions like arthritis.

Keep an Eye on Your Preference of Accessories

Auto faucets Manufacturers make their sinks and basins using many different types of materials. These materials can trigger an infrared sensor to act abnormally. So it is much important to choose your accessories that are compatible with an infrared sensor.

Effect of High Visibility Clothing on Auto Taps

It is known fact that infrared sensors are highly sensitive to high visibility clothing because they may lead to malfunctioning in auto faucets. Moreover, prolonged exposure to high visibility clothing can lead to permanent damage to the auto taps.

Sensor Timing and Performance

Sensor Taps Manufacturers produces Sensor Taps in such a way that it operates only when the user comes within proximity range and shuts of automatically if the user leaves the sensor zone. However, it is important to keep in mind that these auto taps approximately dispense water for 45 to 75 seconds. To switch it on again user has to leave the sensor zone and re-enter again.

Cost of Automatic Taps

Sensor Taps Suppliers produces their products with different material and technology, which leads to difference in price. Knowing about prevailing market price and installation cost is important so that as a user you won't have to bear a huge bill.

In addition to these things, End-user interaction and temperature can influence the activity of auto faucets. The aim of Sensor Taps Suppliers is to produce highest quality products so that it can provide a reliable service to its user.

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