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Very Important PSA: BuzzFeed Has A Newsletter About Cats

It's called "This Week in Cats." What else would it be called?

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If you’ve clicked into this post, you are probably the kind of person who cares about cats.

And as a cat person, you might be interested in knowing that BuzzFeed has a weekly newsletter that is 100% ABOUT CATS.

(We know. Sit down if you need to.)

If you sign up for "This Week in Cats," you'll get all the latest cat news in your inbox every Friday. Just this week, for example, this cat pushed a small cart.

This cat played dress-up.

And these kittens engaged in the most epic battle of wits the world has ever seen.


“This Week in Cats” is unquestionably a must-have for the educated cat lover. So what are you waiting for?

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