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    Bo The First Dog Is Getting The White House Ready For Christmas

    And today he gave the press a briefing on what he's been up to.

    "Good afternoon. Thank you all for joining me."

    Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

    "As you may know, I have already chosen a Christmas tree."

    "The First Lady herself inspected it very closely."

    Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

    "I have also commissioned a gingerbread White House."

    (Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press / MCT)

    "All the key features of the First Family's experience will be tastefully replicated."

    (Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press / MCT)

    "Certain other holiday decorations have also been set up throughout the house."

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some important meetings to attend to."

    Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

    "VERY important meetings."

    Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

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