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19 Highly Emotional Yet Accurate Stages Of Buying Your First Home

"I don't really want to move... Wait, three bedrooms? OK, I'm sold."

1. Remember when you moved into your very first place? That was a pretty good day, right?

2. But after a while, you come to realise that it's possibly not quite right for you anymore.

3. So you decide to buy a new house, then immediately start second-guessing yourself and freaking out.

4. Not least because every home on the local market has something seriously wrong with it.

5. That's OK though; there are more to see. So you fill your evenings and weekends with viewings...

6. ...and you meet a lot of weird homeowners.

7. But eventually you find somewhere you love.

8. You put in a note of interest and realise a lot of people feel the same way about it that you do.

9. So you rush to put in an offer...but it's rejected.

10. You try again, but your next bid is rejected too.

11. Finally, after signing away your income for the next 20 years, you get an offer accepted.

12. Then a huge bundle of forms lands on your lap, and you realise this is just the beginning.

13. If you have to sell your current home before you can move, that is a whole new level of pain.

14. Plus you've got to pack up and move all your stuff.

15. And the second you finish packing, you hear that your move-in date has been delayed by weeks.

16. You cheer yourself up by looking at photos online and thinking about what you've got to look forward to.

17. But then, one fine, magical day, all of the issues get sorted out and you get the keys!

18. Hmm, it looks a little smaller than you remembered. Have you made a mistake?

19. No, you've made the best decision of your life.

Buying a house might be stressful at times, but it doesn't have to be a battle with endless, countersigned pieces of paper. Royal Bank of Scotland have created a paperless mortgage application to make things a little easier, so you can get on with enjoying your brand-new space.

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