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The 7 Wonders Of The (Foodie) World You Gotta Try Before You Die

If you know what's good for you, you'll add these unusual dining experiences to your bucket list STAT

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The Pearl Restaurant - Brussels, Belgium

Yves Herman / Via Reuters

Take a look at this catch of the day! The Pearl Restaurant located in Brussels, Belgium brings a whole new meaning to the saying "blue plate special". Nearly everything has a hint of blue at this dazzling dive, because the restaurant itself is located nearly 20 feet underwater. Guests are given private tables inside of cozy water-tight capsules, and meals are served by a charming school of scuba diving waiters and waitresses. This fine diving experience (see what I did there) can be enjoyed at Brussels' Nemo33 Diving Center.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant - San Pablo City, Philippines

Global Traveler International / Via Flickr

From underwater, to on top of it! The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines is sweeping customers off their feet with its stunning setting and exotic entrees. This restaurant is located in the midst of a waterfall, nestled on the grounds of a luxury resort plantation. Local cuisine is served at waterproof bamboo tables, and the air is forever freshened by the mist of the rushing waters nearby.

Dinner In The Sky - Various Locations

Team Dubai / Via Dinner In The Sky

Have you ever eaten a meal while suspended in thin air? And no, I'm not talking about that bag of 6 peanuts you ate on your last flight to Hawaii. Well, a company called Dinner In The Sky wants to take you to new heights with their traveling dining opportunities. The group is bringing the experience to major cities around the world and sets their table high above the skylines of these metropolitan areas. That's right! The banquet table set for 22 is hoisted up in the air by a massive 150-foot crane. The trend began in Brussels, Belgium, but has since expanded to places such as Toronto, Dubai, Tokyo, and Paris -- to name a few.

Modern Toilet - Taipei, Taiwan

Jirbi Go / Via Couchwasabi

Holy crap! This one is weird. Welcome to Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan where you will be invited to sit down inside a plumbing palace. Everything from the food to the seating in this eatery is centered around toilets (I shit you not). And, to make matters even more odd, this culinary conundrum started out as a small, independently owned ice cream shop. Now that is what I like to call progress, folks.

Dans Le Noir - Various Locations

Amasauce / Via Amasauce Blog

Dans Le Noir is another one-of-a-kind experience, shedding some light on a very important issue by putting diners in complete darkness. The restaurant chain, currently open in 7 cities throughout Europe and New Zealand, welcomes patrons into its pitch black dining rooms. The entire meal is consumed in the dark, an unsettling feeling for many who have said it is strange not to be able to see what they are eating. But, the purpose of this restaurant is far more than meets the eye. All of its wait staff are blind or visually impaired and work to show guests what it is like to live as they do for an evening.

Exchange Bar & Grill - New York City, NY

Lenny Ignelzi / Via Associated Press

If you'd prefer to see your food, but still want to be served a bit of challenge, then NYC's Exchange Bar & Grill may be made just for you. This NYSE-themed establishment lives by the laws of "supply and demand". Prices for their food and drinks fluctuate based on demand, much like prices of stocks on the Stock Exchange. Down to press your luck?

SafeHouse Restaurant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mike De Sisti / Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hungry for a challenge? Well, the last wonder on our list takes us to Wisconsin where you can become a secret agent while you eat. Yes, you read that correctly. The Sherlock Holmes schemes of your childhood are now a reality at SafeHouse Restaurant in Milwaukee. The staff here immerses you in mystery from the minute you arrive. The restaurant can only be entered by saying a special code word. But, if you can figure it out, the restaurant will repeatedly surprise you with it's savory secret recipes and ever-changing challenges. The staff will even provide you with a different mission to work through during your meal, depending on what day of the week it is. I don't know about you, but if there's food involved, there's no puzzle I can't solve.

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