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This Paper Shop Is Turning Anti Same-Sex Marriage Flyers Into Confetti For Gay Weddings

"It's confetti made from 100% recycled lies." BuzzFeed News spoke to the shop to hear more about the project.

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A paper shop in Dublin is recycling anti same-sex marriage flyers that are being handed out by campaigners and turning them into confetti for same-sex weddings.

The Daintree Paper shop says the flyers – which contain "disgusting" and "factually incorrect" statements – are being spread by the "No Campaign" in the run up to the referendum on the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Ireland happening in May.

The "Shred Of Decency" project collects flyers and leaflets and recycles them into confetti to "help to get a positive message for marriage equality."

Stephen Rogers, who works for the Rothco agency behind the idea, told BuzzFeed News: "We decided that this was an opportunity to take this awful literature and turn it back on itself, to help create a positive message in the run up to the referendum."

He said that any profits the shop raises from the project will be donated to the Yes Equality campaign. "So in a nice twist, the extreme no are supporting the Yes Campaign with their horrible lies," he added.

The Daintree Paper shop is encouraging people to drop any flyers into their shop where they will be recycled into confetti.

They are also asking people celebrating marriage equality with their confetti to share their photos on Instagram and on Twitter with the #shredofdecency hashtag.

Here's their snazzy campaign video, too.

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