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These Young Brazilian Women Perfectly Responded To A "Beauty Trends Guys Hate" Article

"My face is mine, nobody says what I should wear."

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If there's a surefire way to annoy a young woman, it's by telling them what beauty trends boys approve of and what make-up they should and shouldn't wear.

So when Atrevida, a Brazilian magazine aimed at teen girls, published an article about make-up trends girls should stop following because boys "do not like" them, it didn't go down too well.

The article, which caused outrage in Brazil, gave tips on how to "conquer" boys, and said girls shouldn't wear "irritating" red lipstick, shouldn't wear blusher as it makes a girl look like a "clown".

But instead of staying quiet, young women spoke out and criticised it for shaming women's choices. One wrote: "Really, I'll wear whatever I wanna wear, not what boys would like me to wear, the face is mine."

Another wrote: "Girls, don't 'listen' to a word on this article. Do what you want, with the make-up you want. After all, we wear make-up to ourselves, not to please men."

It wasn't just young women, too. One man wrote: "GIRLS, you are FREE, F-U-C-K what men think, love yourselves. Kudos to the freedom of the woman's body!!!!! And about the article? INCREDIBLY U-S-E-L-E-S-S."

Other young women declared "I wear what I want, if I want to wear red lipstick, I will" and "Do not turn us into men's puppets ... we don't need men's endorsement to be happy."

Other young women called on their generation to "not give a fuck" about men.

The above conversation reads:

Alice: "It's great to see this generation's comments about not giving a fuck to men."

Elânia: "Hey Atrevida!! You fucked up, huh? You thought we came here to serve men."

Marco: "Since when men are supposed to tell women what to wear or not?"

So ladies, let these comments inspire you the next time someone tries to tell you what make-up you should and shouldn't be wearing.

Oh, and remember this useful guide for the future:

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