These Two Men Died Stopping A Suicide Bomber From Blowing Up A Mosque

    The heroic men saved many lives by chasing a suicide bomber away. One of them was a student at an American college.

    Last Friday, these two young men, Mohammed Hassan Ali bin Isa and Abdul-Jalil al-Arbash, died after stopping a suicide bomber from entering a mosque in Saudi Arabia in an attack that was later claimed by ISIS.

    The suicide bomber, who was disguised as a woman, was stopped from entering the Dammam mosque by the pair, who had set up checkpoints at the entrance, according to the Associated Press.

    They have been hailed as heroes across social media for the act, which saved the lives of many people.

    The bomber blew himself up in the car park of the mosque during Friday prayers, killing the two men and another, unnamed person alongside himself. This video appears to show the inside of the mosque as the explosion is heard outside.

    لحظة التفجير الارهابي الذي استهدف مسجد العنود في الدمام .. #تفجير_العنود

    Arbash had recently returned from studying at a college in Kansas, USA, and had recently married, according to Middle East Eye.

    ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on a Facebook page, naming the bomber as Abu Jandal al-Jazrawi and describing him as a "soldier of the caliphate".

    #ISIS takes responsibility for the bombing in #Dammam, #Saud carried out by Abu Jandal Al Jazrawi -Statement

    Arbash's mother, Kowther al-Arbash, is a high-profile reporter for Saudi daily Al Jazirah. She shared a heartfelt statement with her Twitter followers:

    بيان #كوثر_الأربش_أم_الشهيد محمد العيسى Read:

    The statement described her son as a "martyr" and a "lover of people" who had "rushed toward the terrorist with an explosive belt" instead of fleeing.

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