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People Living In Britain And America Keep Marking Themselves As "Safe" From Nepal's Earthquakes

"This is social media at its worst."

Last month, Facebook announced a new “Safety Check” feature for users in areas hit by natural disasters, so they can let their friends and family know they’re safe.

Facebook: zuck

The application was introduced shortly after Nepal was hit by a 7.8-magnitude quake that killed more than 8,000 people. This week, it was hit again, this time by a 7.3-magnitude quake.

While the application has been used widely by people in Nepal, it hasn’t been used appropriately elsewhere.

Many people based in the UK and the US are marking themselves as "safe" from a natural disaster occurring thousands of miles away.

Deleting all Facebook friends who mark themselves 'safe' in the Nepal earthquake u sickos

Do people think it's funny to mark themselves safe from the Nepal Earthquake on Facebook? Probably the least funny thing I've seen all year

People online are voicing their concern that the application is being mocked and used as a “joke”.

Others are "unfriending" people on Facebook when they see them tagging themselves.

Happily "unfriended" so many people for tagging themselves as "safe" using Facebooks Nepal Earthquake Safety Check. It is NOT a joke/trendy.

Do people from England and have never been to Nepal, really need to mark themselves as "safe".

*Facebook logic* Let's all mark ourselves as safe from the Nepal earthquake even though we live in Cornwall

Why on earth would you mark yourself "safe" from the Nepal earthquake when your in the UK, have some respect.

Don't get why people reckon it's funny to mark themselves 'safe' on Facebook from the Nepal earthquake, grow up like

It's incredibly poor taste & disrespectful to 'mark yourself safe' from the Nepal earthquake when living in the UK. Get some respect 😠✊🏼👊🏼

Find it sick that people are doing the safety check thing on Facebook for the Nepal earthquakes. You aren't in the area and people are dying

why is it funny to mark yourself safe from the Nepal earthquake on Facebook??? why do you think it's appropriate??? why???

when people mark themselves as safe from the earthquake in nepal like...bro you live in BC of course you are smh

Why are people on Facebook marking themselves as safe on the Nepal safety check?! You live in Leeds..

Completely baffled as to why so many people find it funny to mark themselves as safe in the affected area of Nepal. Am I missing something?

Meanwhile, in Nepal, young people are busy building shelters for those who have lost their homes.