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People Are Freaking Out Over The Election Exit Poll

"Oh God."

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And the overriding reaction is...


Oh god please no that exit poll

Oh God...


Oh god please no

There are also a whole bunch of people who say they're getting ready to emigrate.

If this exit poll is true and conservatives do win, I'm moving to Yemen

Here if the exit poll is accurate i am actually moving to Antartica and not coming back. Ever.

To a lot of different countries.

If that exit poll's right I'm moving to Mongolia


Exit poll. This fucking place. Moving to Sweden.

If this #exitpoll is true fuck it I'm moving to Canada.

If exit poll is correct, I'm moving to Switzerland.

Mind you, Paddy Ashdown doesn't believe it.

This Lord Ashdown guy is threatening to eat hats he doesn't even have! #GE2015

So there's still hope for all these people.

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