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Men Are Calling Themselves "Meninists" To Take A Stand Against Feminism

"Stop objectifying men."

Just in case you were tired of the online backlash against feminism, there is now another side to it: a Twitter hashtag advocating for "meninism".

"Meninism" isn't a new concept: The BBC reported on it last year, describing it as a hashtag "started by men sharing jokes", but said some were also using it to “express the difficulties of being a man in the 21st century".

Stop objectifying men. Real men have curves. #MeninistTwitter

Over the last month, the #MeninistTwitter hashtag has picked up steam, and now features memes and questions about why "men can't have the same equality as women".

Why don't guys under 6ft get a chance? #MenimistTwitter #YesAllMen

Some supporters of "menimism" are joking, but others are using the hashtag to air genuine grievances with feminism.

Although the use of the hashtag now advocates men's rights and criticises women for objectifying men, it was originally hijacked from male feminists.

Why can't men ever get in the club free? #MenimistTwitter #YesAllMen

why cant she open the door for me? #MenimistTwitter

How about you girls make a guy's day for once? We enjoy cheap gifts too #MenimistTwitter

It became a trending topic on Twitter and people attempting to critique feminism by mocking it continue to embrace it.

You can take bikini pics with your friends, but when I take shirtless pictures with my friends I'm gay? #MenimistTwitter #YesAllMen

Why do men have to spend our hard earned money on dates, why can we get asked out, picked up and fed... I like free food too. #Meninist

i'm done sliding in dms. you slide into mine #MenimistTwitter

Both "meninist" and "menimist" spellings are commonly used.

Where's "Men in History"? #meninist

How come when girls wear yoga pants it's "hot" and "cute" but when I do it it's "creepy" and "disgusting" ??? #MenimistTwitter #YesAllMen

Many tweets have commented on women who suggest they like taller men.

My under 6 foot brother needs love just as much as your fat friend.

But if I call a girls over 170 pounds friends I'm a jerk smh #MenimistTwitter

Others mimic anti-rape posters from the "menimist" perspective.

just bc I was horny didnt mean I wanted it was it the way I was dressed or bc I was just being nice? #MenimistTwitter

And others mock abortion and domestic violence.

“@samstaydipped: Men shld have a say in Abortion. Its my child as well #YesAllMen #MenimistTwitter”WE DO! Its called😂

Many share images intended to mock the "double standards" they perceive feminists to have.

"@ohabioh: more men need to dress like this. "we're not here to please you #MenimistTwitter

All these female emojis but guys only get like 3 #EqualityForMen

#FeministTwitter summed up nicely... #MenimistTwitter #MeninistTwitter #Meninist #Menimism #WomenAgainstFeminism

“@iCelestial: She so real RT @_WSBG: Hope she goes to prison for this sexual assault ” #MenimistTwitter

Women need to start appreciating us for MORE than just our hot bodies... #MenimistTwitter #MeninistTwitter #Meninist

#MenimistTwitter "@MENlNIST: Alex From Target is a perfect example. "

“@RIPvuhsace: WE WANT EQUALITY!!! #MenimistTwitter ”

“@UsTheDuo: When her feet hurt, carry her. ” why can't she carry me? #MenimistTwitter

#MenimistTwitter because I don't think equality is in good hands with #FeministTwitter... #MeninistTwitter #Meninist

Some Twitter users have been quick to congratulate themselves for angering feminists online.

#MenimistTwitter is hilarious because feminists and emasculated men are getting mad. Equality doesn't mean you get to limit my free speech

But feminists on Twitter were then quick to mock the hashtag.

nothing quite like misogynists inadvertently giving validation to feminism #MenimistTwitter http://t.co/8psJ3JxgUq

#MenimistTwitter in a nutshell @cole_legg @enjolrasgrrrl @BRIAN__bc @cutequeer96 @MaggieBornstein

Anyone want to hazard a guess why this guy isn't asked out on more dates? #MenimistTwitter

Last month, video blogger Kat Blaque made a great video in which she gives her reaction to the #MeministTwitter trend.

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Blaque says she finds the hashtag "fascinating, depressing, and unsettling".

"The 'menimist' hashtag seeks to critique feminism though parody," Blaque said. "Unfortunately all it does is demonstrate that people still don't know what feminism is."

Other video bloggers, such as Morgan Grace, also have also addressed the growing trend.

There are numerous "meninist" Tumblr pages that document moments when "men's rights are needed".

One Tumblr user claims that a "meninist club" has been set up in a school with the aim of harassing the feminist society.

She said: "They started this club because a group of boys ... were reported by several girls for sexual harassment & they think it’s funny." BuzzFeed News has contacted the Tumblr user for a comment.