A Woman Is Contacting The Mothers Of Boys Who Send Her Rape Threats On Facebook

The response one mother sent is just perfect.

1. Receiving online rape threats is commonplace for a lot of women, and those who send the threats often go unpunished.

2. Alanah Pearce, a game reviewer from Brisbane, Australia, decided to approach the problem in her own way: by contacting the mothers of the young men who send her the threats and telling them exactly how their son was spending his time online.

3. Pearce tweeted a screengrab of a conversation she had with one mother she contacted, along with the comment: “Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I’ve started telling their mothers.”

4. Here is how the conversation with the mother went:

“Hi Anna, I don’t know you, but I was wondering if [blanked-out] is your son?”

“Yes he is. Why?”

“I have never met him before, but he sent me a concerning message to my public Facebook page today that I was wondering if you might be interested in discussing with him.”


“Omg, little shit. I’M SO SORRY. YES I WILL TALK TO HIM!”

5. Her tweet was retweeted tens of thousands of times. Pearce then told a Twitter user that she had sent messages to at least three other mothers, who have yet to respond.

@BennyOBrien @DrCurlytek The 3 others didn't reply. As far as I can tell, they didn't get/read my messages.

— Alanah Pearce (@Charalanahzard)

7. She then explained that she found the mothers simply by looking at the profiles of the boys sending her rape threats.

@carrolljba @doncandon Super easy to do just by looking at their profiles, I've done it 4 times now (she was the first to reply, though).

— Alanah Pearce (@Charalanahzard)

8. BuzzFeed News has contacted Pearce for a comment.

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