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11 Great Gift Ideas For Your Gin Loving Friends

We've all got a friend that's OTT with the G&T. So here's a list of some brilliant gift ideas for those who just love gin...

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1) Personalised Gin Goblet

Not On The High Street / Via

Where from:

Price: £23

With these cool personalised gin goblets, you’ll be able to add your own personal touch to your gin drinking. Under your name you can write your preferred drink or cocktail; so if someone fixes one for you, they don’t even have to ask what you want! Plus, you’ll never misplace your glass! Whether it’s his and hers, mother and daughters, or a goblet for each of your friends to drink from at gatherings and parties – they’re great fun and let’s be honest, much better than just a regular glass…

2) Grow your own Lemon Tree

Not On The High Street / Via

Where from:

Price: £65

This ready-to-grow lemon tree is the perfect gift for not only gin lovers, but for cooks and gardeners too! They grow to 3ft and make for a beautiful window feature or decorative piece for your home or garden. Once the lemons have fully grown you’ll have an endless supply; enabling you to add that extra lemony zest to your homemade gin and tonics. This particular gift also comes with a miniature bottle of gin and fevertree tonic!

3) Gin & Tonic Botanicals Gift Set

Harvey Nichols / Via

Where from: Harvey Nichols

Price: £40

You can’t make the perfect gin and tonic without botanicals. This neat gift set from Harvey Nichols includes a selection of 10 classic gin botanicals that will give that special touch to your G&T. Choose between a range of juniper berries, peppers, rose petals and liquorice to add your very own unique flavour and colour to your drinks – get creative with it; the possibilities are endless!

4) Personalised Chopping Board

The Engraved Oak Company / Via

Where from: The Engraved Oak Company

Price: £25

If you know someone that’s partial to a refreshing glass of gin and tonic, then this may just be the perfect gift. With this personalised wooden chopping board, you’ve got your very own surface to make that all-important slice and prep your G&T’s. You can choose to engrave anything you like on the board; whether it be a special message or something witty, it makes for a brilliant personalised gift!

5) 'Gin of the Month' Membership Subscription

The Craft Gin Club / Via

Where from: The Craft Gin Club

Price: £155 (1 year quarterly gift membership)

Do you know someone that likes to sample different gins? Well with this ‘Gin of the Month’ membership from The Craft Gin Club, you’ll be giving your gift recipient the opportunity to do exactly that! Each month, they’ll receive a gin box featuring a new, exclusive craft gin – allowing them to discover the very best gins from all over the globe. The gin of the month box is also packed with other goodies for gin lovers to enjoy!

6) Gin O'clock Clock

Not On The High Street / Via

Where from:

Price: £45.50

You’ll never miss gin o’clock with this smartly designed clock. It’s fun, practical, and looks great in pretty much any living space! This would make a superb gift for a gin-loving Mum who likes to unwind with nice beverage after a hard day’s work – and when the clock strikes 9, she officially can. The clock itself is actually pretty stylish; with a relaxed wooden print and brightly coloured text – perfect for a fun loving home.

Gin Distillery Tour

Copper Rivet Distillery / Via

Where from: Copper Rivet Distillery

Price: £12

Curious as to how gin is actually made? A gin distillery tour can show you the behind the scenes production and distillery process of some of the finest gins around. Many distilleries all over the country host fantastic public tours in which gin enthusiasts can experience the complete distillation process from grain to glass. You can also sample the distillery's very own crafted spirits and signature Gin and Tonics. Tours typically last around 1 hour, allowing for plenty of tasting time for you and your party of friends. It's a great day out that's for sure!

8) Gin & Tonic Typographic Print


Where from:

Price: £14

This cute hand lettered gin print would look fantastic on the kitchen wall of your gin-loving friend or loved one. Etsy sell a range of cool alcohol related prints, but this one stood out for us, obviously! For £14 you can’t really go wrong…

9) Gin Cocktail Recipe Book

Amazon / Via

Where from:

Price: £9

Any gin enthusiast surely enjoys experimenting with new flavours and cocktails; and with this ‘101 Gins to try before you die’’ book, you can! Best-selling drinks writer Ian Buxton walks the reader through the world of gin and everything in it – exploring innovative gin brands and offer expert advice on the things that matter i.e which tonic to use. It’s essentially a gin lover’s bible, and you can pick it up for just £9 too!

10) Grow your own Gin Garden Kit

Plant 'n' Grow / Via

Where from: Plant 'n' Grow

Price: £17

Your very own gin garden – surely every gin lover’s dream, right? This is kind of similar to the botanicals gift set, but with this, you can grow it yourself! The box includes all you need to sow, grow and mix; making it a brilliant gift for a gin lover, cocktail enthusiast, foodie or green-fingered friend. Mix and experiment with a range of gin infusions and botanicals including basil, cucumber, rosemary and thyme. Spice up your G&T’s for just £17…

11) Gin Gift Box Set

Copper Rivet Distillery / Via

Where from: Copper Rivet Distillery

Price: £18

A little something extra from Copper Rivet – this gorgeous gin gift box is worth picking up just for the box, let alone the gin that’s inside. The box contains 2 x 5cl bottles of hand crafted Dockyard Gin and a stainless steel measure. It’s pure quality gin, presented at its finest.

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