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    13 Photos That Prove Tasmania Is The Cheese Capital Of Oz

    Why every cheese lover should beeline to the Apple Isle!

    1. When you order cheese, you won't get slices of that stuff that comes wrapped in plastic, you'll get Brie! Big, chunky, creamy slices of quality Tasmanian brie! #drool

    2. Tasmanian cheese makers care so much about their cheese, they even name them! They're literally cared for like babies. Big, delicious, round babies!

    3. Cheeses tastings ALWAYS come with a brilliant view! Seriously, there are NO bad seats to be found when you have cheese on your plate & the Tassie countryside in sight.

    4. There is so much choice … and so many free tastings!

    5. Cheese platters are practically the state's official dish: It's near impossible to find a menu without one on it.

    6. Tasmanians eats cheese for dinner ...

    7. And for dessert!

    8. It's served up vegan friendly

    9. If you want, you can play games with your cheese

    10. Or you can visit to cute gals out in the paddock who help make it for you

    11. And of course, where there is cheese is Tasmania, there is usually wine …

    12. And cider…

    13. And chocolate! #nomnomnom