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    This Recent College Grad Is Running Across America

    And you won't believe why!

    The journey is called 'Let's Talk.' / Via

    This project is rooted in a deep concern that we are losing touch, isolating ourselves in protected, personal spaces.

    It's about putting down your phone and getting out to talk to people.

    What is the goal? / Via

    To spark a national conversation about conversation.

    It highlights the value of face-to-face conversation in a digital age. / Via

    Not condemning technology, but rather highlighting what a simple conversation is capable of.

    He started in Washington DC and will end in Los Angeles, CA. / Via

    The journey is over ~3,000~ miles!

    Chris graduated from University of St Andrews in the spring. / Via

    Instead of applying for jobs, he started 'Let's Talk.'

    He is currently running through Tennessee. / Via

    And averaging over 20 miles a day :O

    He is running with only a small cart filled with supplies. / Via

    He camps every night in people's yards and in the wild.

    'Let's Talk' logs over 20 conversations every day. / Via

    Face-to-face conversation is a skill, an art, a driver of empathy and patience, and the most human and humanizing thing that we do.

    View the facts here.

    He is interviewing the interesting people he meets along the way. / Via

    And is posting the stories here and on the instagram @letstalkUSA

    To follow along go to and follow @LetsTalkUSA

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