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10 Great Things El Pais Vasco Has To Offer That You Should Not Miss!

The Basque Country of Spain, also known as Pais Vasco, has so many sites to be seen and to experience. Check out the list below to read up on a few favorites.

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1. Puppy !

Roshelle Fondeur

If you get lucky, you'll catch Bilbao's Puppy fully bloomed and full of bright colors. Puppy, created by Jeff Koons, stands 40 ft in the air and is one of the city's most popular attractions, attracting millions of tourist every year. But seriously, how adorable is he! This is a must see for sure!

2. Museo Guggenheim de Bilbao!

Roshelle Fondeur

The Guggenheim Museum, located right next to Puppy, is a one of a kind piece of architecture. This museum is one of four Guggenheim's located around the world, including New York, Venice, and Abu Dhabi.

3. Plaza de Federico Moyua!

Roshelle Fondeur

Center City round-about? Sure, why not! This beautiful round-about filled with flowerbeds and a large beautiful water fountain in the center gives you a true feel for the city of Bilbao's beauty.

5. Aracaldo's Mountain Views!

Roshelle Fondeur

Just minutes out from the city of Bilbao, lies the most spectacular view of the mountains that surround the major city itself. This residential area known as Aracaldo, is the perfect place to run away from hustle and bustle and enjoy a nice glass of spaniard wine as the day passes by.

6. Surfs Up at La Playa!

Roshelle Fondeur

As most may not know, Pais Vasco is home to many surfers. Located in the northern coast of Spain, the beaches contain some of the strongest waves allowing surfers to glide through it's waters. This particular beach located in Sopelana host yearly surfing events and also host a nude race once a year for the more adventurous individuals, as this beach contains a completely "clothing optional atmosphere"!

7. Mundaka!

Roshelle Fondeur

Can we just simply say, WOAH! Can an isolated, mini, little town like Mundaka be any more spectacular than this captured image? I don't think so. This small, yet unique town is also home to many surfers as well as fisherman. The medieval fisherman's houses located in town all face the open clean waters of the Atlantic allowing a great view of the sea.

8. San Juan De Gaztelugatxe!

Roshelle Fondeur

Lose Your Breathe and let San Juan De Gaztelugatxe Take It Away! 241 steps and a view that will make your emotions sore with happiness. This amazing site attracts tourist due to its history and amazing character.

This location has a two-hour hike leading to the top of an island over looking the dark blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At the top sits a beautiful church built in the 10th Century. Once reaching the top, the magnificent view will literally take your breath away and makes the hike worth the hassle.

9. San Sebastian's Romantic Sunsets!

Aoife O’Riordain

Last stop in Spain! What more perfect way than to end the exploration of Spain with a romantic sunset. Rich in architecture, atmosphere, and tapas, San Sebastian is a one of a kind city.

10. How About A Quick Drive to Basque Country of The South of France? Don't Mind If I Do!

Roshelle Fondeur

One of the best parts about visiting Spain's northern coast is the luxury of being able to drive over to the South of France. Part of the South of France is also considered Basque Country. As the Basque Country is made up of seven provinces, France contains 3 of them. In the photo above you'll see one of the most amazing oceanic sceneries belonging to the town of Biarritz. Nothing beats a day trip to the beaches of Biarritz, France to enjoy a few cold brews and french fries on a lovely summer day.

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