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This Duo Sang Every Song From The Chainsmokers New Album In 3 Minutes

Haters might say that The Chainsmokers' entire album sounds the same, but this acoustic homage does it justice.

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EVERY SONG on The Chainsmokers New Album "Memories... Do Not Open"

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The Chainsmokers released a new album earlier this month titled “Memories… Do Not Open”. The album was met with mixed reviews; Pitchfork states that their release was “a lifeless, anodyne pop record that wallows in basic feelings of regret and narcissism.”

Watch this duo, featuring vocal artists Sachi and Rosendale, sing every song on The Chainsmokers’ new album in a mere 3 minutes. An acoustic homage, or proof that every song on the album sounds the same? You decide!

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