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8 Definitions Of Covfefe From Urban Dictionary

What the covfefe?

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Your annoying cell phone alarm has just gone off again after hitting snooze for the 2nd time. You reach out blindly, grab your phone, and open up your Facebook app. As you thumb down the page you see the usual posts, then you see it. While you were sleeping, there was a tweet that broke the internet... again... for today. You see: covfefe.

At 12:06 this morning, President Trump sent a tweet that echoes previous anti-media sentiments, but this time there was a mystery. The tweet reads: "Despite the negative press covfefe." And that's it.

No big deal, right? He probably just means "coverage." It could be a simple typo before falling asleep. But now you're second guessing yourself. This is the President of the United States. He doesn't tweet before thinking.

So you hit up It comes back with nothing. It kinda sounds like a Yiddish word so you Google it. Nope.

Hold on. This is a man of the people. So where else would you go for answers but the one place on the internet where the man on the street can teach us something. That's right. It's the Urban Dictionary.

Check out these 8 definitions of covfefe brought to you by the fine people of Urban Dictionary.

Whatever it means, it shows us that President Trump is up late again, railing against the free press in his never-ending vendetta against those who criticize him. Meanwhile, the President is struggling to fill empty seats on his cabinet, and scrambling to fill positions that have recently been vacated. All while media outlets tell us that he may announce that he's backing out of the Paris climate agreement. Maybe we'll find out about it on Twitter.

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