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Disabled Dad Filmed Crawling Up Stairs In A Plea For Better At-Home Support

Lucy Fraser says her 73-year-old father Gordon was denied a stairlift due to "health and safety" concerns.

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The daughter of a 73-year-old man has posted a video of her disabled father crawling up the stairs of their home in a desperate plea for better accessibility.

Lucy Fraser, of Kirkton, Dundee, uploaded the first of two videos to Facebook on 28 March. The first video has been viewed more than 22,000 times.

"I swear I never realised it would draw this much attention," she wrote online on Tuesday. "I only posted it because I was so upset and angry watching him struggle."

Fraser says her father, who suffers from neurological illness torsion dystonia, moved into her home in Craigmore Street following the death of his wife in January.

Torsion dystonia affects around 70,000 people in the UK and is characterised by uncontrollable and sometimes painful spasms and muscle contortions.

The 39-year-old claims her father was refused a stairlift by the local occupational therapist who deemed it a health and safety risk because one of Fraser's children is under 10, according to The Evening Telegraph.

"He is now confined to his bedroom as he has
tissue damage to his leg," she wrote. "He can barely walk
at all."

She said she had also been refused funding to install a walk-in shower room for her dad – significantly impacting his independence.

“In that short time [since January] he has fallen down the stairs three times injuring himself each time. What’s happening to my dad is just horrible,” she told the local newspaper.

Commenting on the clip, Fraser apologised for it being so short, explaining: "I was scared to take my hands off him for too long in case he fell backwards."

A Dundee Council spokesperson said officers will attempt to find the "best and most appropriate ways to support the family”.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, they added: “We will be contacting the family directly to discuss their situation with them and to listen to their concerns."

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