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    There Isn't "Enough Evidence" To Charge Driver Filmed Colliding With Cyclist

    Police said they couldn't prove who was behind the wheel at the time of accident.

    Reginald Scot, via Youtube / Via

    A cyclist has expressed his anger after police said they were unable to prosecute the driver of a car that knocked him to the ground – despite the incident being captured on video.

    Reginald Scot, 30, claims to have suffered internal haemorrhaging and severe back pain after being thrown from his bike in a seemingly unprovoked collision in Nottingham on 15 November 2014.

    He posted a video of the "savage" collision online, describing it as a "senseless and brutal attack", after police dropped their investigation over lack of evidence.

    In the clip, Scot can be heard gasping for help as he is left unaided on the road after the vehicle fails to stop.

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    "It was a bolt from the blue," Scot told BuzzFeed News.

    Although he has now got back on his bike, Scot said it took him "months" to recover and he still hasn't seen "any compensation and I have not got any justice."

    He continued: "I was just lucky I didn't get killed."

    Despite the video capturing events – including the car's number plate – a Nottinghamshire police spokesperson said because the car was a hire vehicle that had been sub-leased they and the Criminal Prosecution Service had decided there was "not enough evidence" to seek a prosecution.

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the spokesperson explained while an "extensive" investigation traced the car to a man and woman who were eligible to drive the vehicle, officers were unable to "prove who was driving the vehicle at the moment of collision".

    “As a result, the prosecution for failing to stop and failing to report was discontinued," the spokesperson added.

    Though a 52-year-old man from Nottingham has received six penalty points and a £150 fine for failing to provide driver details, cycling groups expressed their concern over the handling of the case.

    National cycling charity CTC told BuzzFeed News they were in touch with Scot and would be looking into measures to help.

    "Considering the seriousness of the injury and how blatant the offence, this is very weak from the court not to have imposed the maximum penalty on the unnamed Nottingham man who failed to provide driver details," CTC campaign coordinator Sam Jones told BuzzFeed News.

    CTC spokesperson Rhia Favero added: "I'm sure most people will find it incredible that the driver couldn't be traced when the courtesy car company must have their details on file."

    Following the collision Scot urged all cyclists to have cameras installed on the back and front of their bikes.

    "If they are going to use them they need to buy the best quality they can afford," he told BuzzFeed News.

    UPDATE: This post was updated to include Reginald Scot's comments.

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