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    Popular Home Color Trends In 2017

    Staying current with the latest fashion trends is always fun, especially when it comes to decorating your home. It allows you to update your home’s look, while being creative and fashioning a beautiful living space for you and your family. And one of the best parts of home fashion is color.

    Adding color into your home can give it a new and exciting aura, while taking the old and dingy and making it into chic and trendy. So, why not give your home a makeover with this year’s fashion forward color trends? In this article we will share with you 2017s most popular color trends for decorating your home.

    Inner Glow

    One fashion forward trend you'll be seeing a lot of in 2017 are warm and sunny rooms. More specifically yellows that range anywhere from pale butters to dark mustard, will start to take over living rooms and kitchens. Great complements to these yellows are soft grays, white, and deeper yellows to offset the sunny color. Plus, add in some stainless steel appliances and you've got a winning combination.

    Courtyard Green

    For several years now, deep emerald and bluegrass greens have been on the popular list. It's a timeless and classic look that has graced many homes since early on in our own American history. These colors are great for a vintage look, and are perfectly complemented by antique furniture and wicker accents.

    Oval Room Blue

    When you think of oval room blue, think regal thoughts, because that’s exactly what this color coveys. It’s a color that can bring a wow factor to any room, and goes well with wood furnishings and greige accents.


    Greenery is actually considered the color of the year and it brings in sophistication, without giving a room an over serious look. Rather, it brings to mind nature and the great outdoors, while adding in a sense of flair that only the most fashion forward homeowners would have.

    Stone White

    Stone White is a great color for any living or dining room that is in desperate need of more sunlight. This is a beautiful off-white that will help brighten any room, while adding in a soft and comfortable atmosphere.


    Dusk is a beautiful blue that really brings in a feeling of calm before the storm. It has almost a mysterious element that really will make any room pop. To keep it soft, add in tans and whicker accents. However, if you want it to go bold, paint three walls with dusk, and then use a faux panels as an accent wall. The faux brick panels will give a pop of color and texture to the dusk, giving it a more rustic country vibe. As opposed to the more seashore feel you got from adding in tans and whicker.

    Black Chiffon

    One popular trend you are starting to see more and more of are black built-ins. These built-in shelves give a masculine vibe, without overdoing the “cave like” feel. These black chiffon built-in shelves are a perfect add on to any study or even a bachelor’s living room.

    These are just a few of the several popular colors that will be trending in 2017. All of these ideas can help add a unique vision to your home, while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. So, get creative, and see what you can come up with in 2017 for you and your family. Happy decorating!

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