Vagabond currently in Tokyo
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  • Sumo Champions Battle In Tokyo

    Yokozuna is the top rank in sumo but it is not a title for only one. There can be several Yokozuna or none. One becomes a Yokozuna by their overall performance during the tournaments. On the last day of the tournament, if there are two Yokozuna they will have a bout. This is difficult to see in person because the last day is the most popular and is sold out in advance. A rare chance to see such a bout is at Shinto shrines when they do an outdoor event. Here two Yokozuna square off.

  • Joma Shinji - Japanese Exorcism Archery Ritual

    Archery has long been thought to effective in driving away evil in Japan. In olden days, samurai would pluck bow strings to ward off evil. Arrows are sold as good luck charms around New Year’s. Joma Shinji is an archery ritual where successive hits on the target are believed to ward off evil.

  • New Year’s Eve In Tokyo

    New Year’s Eve fun in Tokyo at a Japanese temple with chanting monks, bell ringing, and making traditional food then ending up at a cosplay party in Shinjuku.

  • Pickett’s Charge At 150th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Gettysburg

    On July 3rd, 1863 over 12,000 Confederate soldiers marched across an open field near the town of Gettysburg. They marched into deadly cannon and musket fire which ripped through the ranks. This charge would forever be immortalized as Pickett’s Charge. It was the bloody culmination of the Battle of Gettysburg which proved to be a major turning point of the war.

  • Veterans’ Day Tribute to WWI Airmen

    In honor of November 11th - Veteran’sDay/Armistice Day this video is a tribute to the airmen of World War I using photographs, paintings, and prints. Over 90 years ago at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Great War (WWI) came to an end but its consequences live with us to this day. WWI produced the first fighter pilots and their names live on to this day most notably Manfred von Richthofen - the Red Baron. They were the national celebrities of their day and their deaths could shock a nation.

  • Japanese Ghost Story - The Demon’s Arm

    This story is a version of the Ogre of Rashomon as the story is named in Yei Theodora Ozaki’s Japanese Fairy Tales. I however refer to the titular creature as a demon based on the Japanese word “oni” which is demon/devil. Rashomon is a gate that once stood in Kyoto that lapsed into disrepair and became a place of ill repute. According to legend a demon took up residence there and snatched up passer-bys. Eventually it bit off more than it could chew when it tried to grab a samurai. The photos were taken by me of the temple gate of Zojo-ji Temple in Tokyo, a shot of a float from the Nebuta festival of Aomori showing a samurai fighting a demon (Raiko and Shuten-doji), and a depiction of the story on a float at the Neputa Festival in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture. The other images are 19th Century woodblock (ukiyoe) prints.

  • 3000-strong Japanese Halloween Parade

    Japanese Halloween Parade Just south of Tokyo, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a huge event that has been going on for about 10 years now with 3000 participants. You can see all kind of Halloween costumes that mix East with West from Hollywood films and traditional western monsters to Japanese Anime characters and Yokai (Japanese monsters).

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