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12 Times You Deserve To Treat Yourself

Don't let the holiday season get you down! Think of your trials as triumphs instead, and reward yourself for all the annoyances. Unwind this winter with unlimited streaming on Roku!

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1. After reading the same picture book over and over 845,984 times to your baby cousin with a nonexistent attention span.

2. After being the only one brave enough to cut off your crazy aunt.

3. If you've pulled the short straw to be the all-night line-waiter before Black Friday.

4. Or being the one to carry all the merch home.

5. After your dad's exhaustive tree farm tour and smell testing a thousand different pines.

6. After successfully dominating stove-top Tetris the night of the big meal.

7. After explaining to your entire family why the significant other they fell in love with last year isn't back to join you.

8. After defending your seat on the plane home while the airline threatened to put you on standby.

9. Powering THROUGH naptime around the house to help out, instead of taking a power nap.

10. When you realize you still can't rationalize the internet to your grandparents.

11. After enduring a really uncomfortable scene you didn't anticipate on the family movie outing.

12. After you totally deal with getting a random demotion back to the kids' table.

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