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10 Ways To Maximize Your TV And Movie-Watching Marathon

There are just a few fun and simple steps to follow before the greatest couch-sitting event of your year! Gather your blankets, because it's about to get beautifully lazy...

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2. Transform the room.

You don't just have to rely solely on what's streaming on the screen to transport you! Make up the room ahead of time to either reach maximum coziness, feel like a real theater, or decorate for the theme of your marathon.

3. Make your food choices thematic, too!

Like these Dexter "kill-cakes" for catching up on the show's most chilling seasons. Nothing will get you in the spirit to sprint to the end of your marathon like edible clues!

7. See if your subject matter has a drinking game.

Shan213 / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: shan213

Every enterprising entertainment fan has a game already set up for their franchise of choice! If anything, it'll help you latch onto patterns and themes surrounding the plot... or at least you can tell yourself that before you potentially fall into a stupor.

8. Have a trustworthy friend that's already seen what you're watching administer periodic pop quizzes.

First of all, it'll add more people to your viewing party. Secondly, that person will be able to prompt you after each part of your viewing journey to make sure you're paying attention to the most important stuff, so long as they are careful to not reveal spoilers!

9. Savor stimulants.

You've got a lot of options to keep your eyes open — keep it varied! For a classier diversion, create a coffee bar in your screening room; or, if you're really adventurous, build in a much sillier energy drink sampling as a pick-me-up about 75% of the way through your viewing sesh.

10. Get an emotional rescue kit together.

You really don't know how you or your comrades will react to your on-screen material — make sure you have all the proper "medicine" to combat the toll your TV show or movie will take on you! Tissues for sad moments, stress balls for when you can't handle the suspense, an eye mask if something gets unbearably gory, and so on...

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