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4 Reasons Why Ice Cream Is The Best Treat

What could be better on a hot or cold day than a full pint of ice cream? Nothing. What is the only thing that can pick your mood back up after a bad day? Ice cream. Here are 3 reasons why ice cream makes everything better, and deserves the name of the best treat.

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4. It Tastes Good

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Obviously. It satisfies your cravings for something sweet and flavorful, yet also has a unique texture. And with so many different types of ice cream, especially now that you can get specialty ice creams delivered right to your door, you can choose exactly what you have a craving for, like Mediterranean ice cream.

3. There Is No One Season To Eat Ice Cream

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You can eat ice cream on a freezing winter day, or on a burning hot summer one. There is never a bad time of year to eat ice cream. It's perfect year-round

2. There Are A Huge Variety of Flavors

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Every single person can name at least 30 different ice cream flavors. This huge variety makes it the perfect treat for any occasion. Had a bad day at work? Relax with some Tipsy Scoop alcoholic ice cream. Or are you out with your friends? Get some mint chocolate chip to feel like a kid again. The possibilities are endless.

1. It Goes Good With Everything

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Ice cream goes well with everything, from brownies, to cake, to pie. I can't think of a single thing that ice cream doesn't go well with. Except meat. And any vegetables. Or Potatoes. Or eggs.

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