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11 Ways To Treat Yo' Parents Even Though You're Broke

All through June, Rogers on Demand (channel 100) is offering movies on the house! See the full schedule here!

1. Treat them to a meticulously cleaned fridge.

2. Give their ride a makeovah. By "makeovah," we mean giving it a cheap yet *priceless* wash.

3. Get Mom drugstore nail polish in a fun colour and do manicures while you gossip — moms love this girly stuff.

4. Take your dad out to lunch at a diner — dads love diners.

5. Do some chores for them — can't go wrong with that. Go do the grocery shopping or clean the house. BUT, LIKE, ~SURPRISE~ THEM WITH IT.

6. MAKE 'EM STUFF. Anything edible and fatty! Jams, nut butters, chocolate almond butter, bitters, spirits from steeping fruits, stuff with cheapish booze... Even if they don't like it, they'll probably say they do!

7. Go to the mall and get a china plate made with your beautiful face on it. It'll cost maybe $15, and it's sure to become their most prized possession 'cause they MADE THAT FACE. ❤️

8. Treat them to dinner, cooked by yours truly, and a nice yet affordable bottle of wine.

9. Get sentimental and make a book for Dad full of printed chapters, quotes, poems, and stuff you've shared over the years.

10. Feeling artsy and musical? Write them a personalized funny song about how much you love them and sing it for them or record it and privately upload to the web and share it with them.


11. Feeling ambitious? Reach out to other family members and their friends and compile messages and old photos in a scrapbook to celebrate their anniversary.

Treat your folks to a movie rental. Check out the “Movies on the House” collection on Rogers on Demand (channel 100). See details and full movie schedule here.