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11 Ways To Level Up Your Movie Night

Because nothing beats staying in. All through June, watch a movie courtesy of Rogers on Demand. See the full schedule here!

1. Send everyone themed invites so they know that this is so much more than an ordinary movie night:

2. Enforce a "PJs mandatory" dress code:

3. Set up healthier snacks than you'd find in any theater...

4. ...OR way more indulgent ones:

Mac 'n' cheese + milkshakes + doughnuts = BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

5. Watch it from the comfort of a deluxe pillow fort:

6. Or set up a projector outdoors and invite all your friends:

7. Roll out sleeping bags too, and make it a sleepover:

8. Unleash your competitive side by making movie-themed bingo boards:

9. Cozy up with a warm blanket straight out of the dryer:

10. Get extra fancy, and pamper yourself with face masks and nail polish:

11. And invite your best friend to watch along too:

Check out the “Movies on the House” collection on Rogers on Demand (channel 100). See the details and full movie schedule here.