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A well planned green diet has its own benefits and they can be planned in such a way that they are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidants.

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There have been many debates as to where vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet is the best. There has been an increasing trend across the globe where people have started adapting themselves to vegetarianism and giving up on meat. In countries like India and many Asian countries due to religious compulsions people are forced to being a vegetarian.

Vegetarianism has been practiced since the 7th century B.C and has been inculcating tolerance towards all living beings. If a vegetarian diet is poorly planned then it can lead to various health and nutrition imbalance. There are studies that say eating meat leads to high cholesterol, however it does not guarantee by being a vegetarian means you are going to be cholesterol free.


There are a lot of enthusiastic plant eaters, who claim that they feel full of energy, feel light, look younger and have a glowing skin. There are a lot of benefits living on a vegan diet when compared to a non-vegetarian diet.

A well planned green diet has its own benefits and they can be planned in such a way that they are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are low in cholesterol, high in energy, they can keep the body away from heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

There can also be a major problem when the diet is not well planned. It can lead to a lot of other health complications, including weak bones, and other nutritional deficiency. Most of the time a complete plant based diet can lead to protein deficiency disorders and on the long run it can have an impact on the mental and physical development of the children.


Protein is made up of over 20 different amino acids. 8 out of the 20 amino acids are acquired through diet. Protein is essential for the growth and repair of tissue, bones, muscles and skin. Food from plants cannot completely balance the protein requirement needed for the human body, unless there is an increase in the consumption of the protein intake and the meal is all the time well planned and balanced. The animal proteins are complete proteins.

They contain all the necessary amino acids required for the body. A deficiency in protein will lead to muscle atrophy and impaired functioning of the human body in general. Protein acquired through consuming legumes or increased amount of soy alone will not be sufficient, since all the food products will not have the essential amino acids required for the body and this could strike a protein imbalance in the body leading to other protein deficiency disorders. A proper and careful planning with a mix of legumes and nuts needs to be made so that there is not imbalance. Animal protein has the required amino acids and hence it will be a better option to include it in the diet.


Most of the vegan’s argue that they tend to lead a healthy life, however the green diet has its benefits’, but when weighed over an omnivorous diet, it is a win situation for those meat lovers. Yes, most of them show a deficiency in Iron, Zinc and the fat soluble vitamins, Omega -3 fatty acids and not but the least calcium too.

There is also a fear that for the meat eaters, whatever hormones or injections injected into the animals or birds will be transferred when the meat is consumed, if not in large quantities, yet to an extent it is will be absorbed in the body. These people tend to eat less of vegetables and fruits compared to the non-meat eaters. The non- meat eaters tend to maintain a very healthy lifestyle most often and try to stay fit or slimmer and this tends to keep their energy levels a little low. However, the anti-oxidant intake level stays higher with the vegetarians and this keeps the risk of cancer slightly lower.

Hence each of these diets do have their positive and negative aspects of the diet, choosing the right lifestyle along with the right foods which has a balance of required minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and Carbohydrates along with sufficient intake of water is necessary for a healthy living.

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